Last month I wrote on goal setting. Some of my long-term goals include business, financial and personal goals. I have no problem with the goal setting, long-term outlook or motivation. However, I often find myself so intently focused on the goal that I forget to enjoy the process of reaching the goal.
Maybe you can relate? Whether you are saving for your first home, next home or buying investment properties. The saving or getting the home ready for sale can be a long journey. The constant hustle can create burnout or lack of joy along the way.

“Enjoy the Journey” sits prominently in my office as a reminder.

It’s so critical to pace ourselves on that journey. We may want to sprint all the way to the finish, but no one can sustain a blistering pace for more than a short time, at least without paying some price. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned…

Track Less Often
I love graphs, spreadsheets and all things numbers. I am very motivated by the needle moving in the right direction. Seeing those numbers grow and the graphs go upward is an instant reward.
Tracking net worth is a great tool to determine if we are reaching our financial goals. Originally, I was tracking this on a monthly basis. This gave me the perception that we were barely creeping along. Eventually, I started tracking only two or three times a year. Now I’m excited to see the growth and achievement of accomplished.
On a side note, if you would ever like an updated CMA on your property to determine your equity, let me know, I’d be happy to help!

Celebrate Interim Milestones
When focusing on the big end goal, the journey feels harder. Start celebrating milestones. For example, a financial goal I have is to own ten rental properties debt free. I know this will take a long time so I started looking at each acquisition as an accomplishment and each year celebrating the mortgage decreasing. 
When you’re early in the journey, the milestones might be smaller, but that doesn’t make them any less worth celebrating, though “celebrating” might just be giving yourself a pat on the back or a high five. But don’t be afraid to give yourself those reminders along the way of the progress you’re making!

For ambitious achievers it can be hard to remember to stop and think how far you have come. Appreciate where you are at in your journey and where you started. This insight alone can make the process that much more enjoyable.

Just remember, I am planner and a strategist. If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee and talk about your housing goals whether they are six months or three years in the future just let me know! I’d love to chat with you!

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