I love a new year, a new challenge, a new set of achievements to conquer! SMART goals, annual planning, budgeting, SWOT analyses are all things that make my heart flutter.

Determine a goal, make a daily plan, simplify it and implement.

Are you thinking of buying your first home, buying an investment property, selling a house? Everything can be accomplished with a plan.

Most people will tell you its all about grit and hard work. I don’t disagree, but I also know there is a way to shorten the learning curve and reduce the struggle. I outsource as much as possible and hire/enlist others that are more knowledgeable and can help me accomplish the goal faster.

Do you have any of these goals:

Step 1: Call me! I will refer you to a trusted mortgage lender. The lender will give you your financial step-by-step plan for how much to save, how much to reduce debt, how much to increase credit, how much income is needed, etc.
Step 2: Once you have met with the lender or if using cash, I will sit down with you to find your wants vs. needs, purchase price, location and more.
Step 3: Together we will narrow down the housing inventory and make an offer. With an accepted offer, I will take care of everything until the keys are in your hand.

Step 1: Call me! I will provide a detailed explanation of the area home sales to help determine a list price, talk about any repairs necessary (I have vendor partners ready to repair), put a marketing plan in place to sell the home quickly and for the most money.
Step 2: When the house is under contract, I will handle everything (and of course schedule the movers!) All you do is sign the closing documents and we can find you a new home!

Step 1: Call me! I manage a small portfolio to ensure your property gets the attention it deserves. I will screen tenants, move in your new tenants, collect rent and manage all the ongoing maintenance issues. My job is to handle everything for you! By focusing proactively on the properties condition and finding great tenants, I save you money in the long run.
Step 2: Watch as your bank account swells.

In case you missed it, there is a common thread. I am your short cut, your learning curve, your knowledge guide to help you accomplish your goals faster and with less hassle. Give me a call and let’s smash some goals! Not buying, selling or investing in 2019? No problem, help out a friend by giving them my information.

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